Momofuku Ssam Bar

25. August 2006 East Village, Japanese, Korean 2
207 2nd Avenue corner of 13th Street 212/254.3500 $9 for one, with a drink, without tip ♥ ♥ ♥ Remember when the Lambs were all over 5th Street opening up to five restaurants in the area? Two of them, a Korean grill, now Degustation, and Makimono, now occupied by Jack Oyster Bar that was around ...

Village Yokocho

19. April 2006 East Village, Japanese, Korean 0
8 Stuyvesant Street off Third Avenue 212/598.3041 about $60 for a lot of food for two, with drinks, without tip ♥ ♥ Kimchi fried rice, ramen bowls, yakitori, cold noodles and duk bo kki… What more could you ask for after a night of drinking?


26. February 2006 Japanese, Korean 0
34 Cooper Square off 6th Street and Lafayette 212/475.2989 about $60 for two, with two drinks, without tip ♥ I’ll group Gyu-Kaku under my Korean and Japanese restaurants list because they had both Korean-style barbecues and Japanese yakitoris. They had several kinds of soups served in clay pots that tasted like Korean chigaes, but udon ...

Li Hua

18. January 2006 Chinatown, Korean 0
171 Grand Street on Baxter 212/343.0090 about $25 for two, without drinks, without tip ♥ ♥ Perhaps the only Korean restaurant near Chinatown, Li Hua attracts a lunch crowd willing to pay $9 for a lunch box of bulgogi, fried zucchini, salad and rice. For us coming from an office in SoHo, $9 isn’t bad; ...

Momofuku Noodle Bar

15. August 2005 Chinese, East Village, Japanese, Korean 0
163 1st Avenue between 10th and 11th Streets 212/475-7899 about $80 for two, with two drinks, with tip ♥ ♥ Updated, 2007: Momofuku has moved two stores down to make room for the third restaurant in their family, Momofuku Ko Momofuku, which means “lucky peach,” is a nicely-designed noodlebar with mostly Japanese and Korean-influenced dishes ...