Nicaragua Volcanoes

17. March 2007 Nicaragua, Videos 0
Here’s the video of the three volcanoes we visited in Nicaragua, courtesy of Trip Films. Related post/s: All posts about Nicaragua Video courtesy of

Morgan’s Rock on Bahia Majagual, Nicaragua

23. February 2007 Nicaragua, Videos 1
The bus ride from Granada to Rivas was about two hours. Taxi drivers swarmed as soon as we got off the bus. One of them started to take my backpack. Espera, I said, almost pissed off. Calm down and wait for us to hire one of you before you take our bags. We needed a ...

Day 7: Surviving the Catalan Pyrenees

26. December 2006 The Pyrenees, Spain, Videos 0
Our cameras were packed for our trek back to Restanca. We were in a hurry, not only to finish our hike and get the T-shirt we’ve been working our aSses for the last seven days, but we also had to catch the last bus back to Barcelona at 1pm. When we woke up at Ventosa ...

Day 6: From Llong to Ventosa i Calvell

25. December 2006 The Pyrenees, Spain, Videos 0
We left Estanc Llong with a group of women, one of whom was a Canadian expat who spoke to us in English. She invited us to hike down the mountain with them where we grabbed a 4×4 to the opening of the trail to Ventosa i Calvell. Was it cheating? We didn’t think so. If ...

Day 5: From Colomina to Estanc Llong

24. December 2006 The Pyrenees, Spain, Videos 0
The German couple at Colomina decided not to go ahead to Estanc Llong on our fifth day. It was simply raining too much. We’ve gone so far even after our first setback, we decided to go for it after breakfast. Visibility was at zero and we had large rocks to cross. The rain erased the ...