Babbo Ristorante e Enoteca

07. August 2006 Italian, West Village + TriBeCa 3

110 Waverly Place between MacDougal and Sixth
about $900 for six, with a lot of drinks, with tip
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

For my annual pilgrimage, I was diligent and booked a table exactly thirty days from our dinner date to get a prime spot at 9pm for six people. It was to celebrate Cameron’s and Peter’s birthdays. I’d like to think that for friends, I’m extra thoughtful.

There is no need to explain why I’m giving Babbo yet another four. I’ll let these photos do their job:

There was also the marinated fresh sardines with caramelized fennel and lobster oil, the epic grilled octopus with “Borlotti Marinati” and spicy limoncello vinaigrette and the spaghettini with spicy budding chives, sweet garlic and a one-pound lobster, the unforgettable lamb’s brains, plus three other desserts and three bottles of a rosé champagne and red wine. After four hours, we were way above our heads to even recall every detail. It was a very good night. I love me some Mario Batali.

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3 thoughts on “Babbo Ristorante e Enoteca”

  • 1
    heidiologies on August 7, 2006

    their 6-person limit for reservations sucks. i have a party of 11 for a friend’s bday on the 15th, and they wouldn’t accommodate us, even with a cc guarantee. how awful is that? i’ll have to go there another night, i’m afraid.

    in any event, i still have my 9pm reservation for aug 15th if anyone wants it. just shoot me an email.

  • 2
    wendy starkie on July 21, 2007

    i bought some offal from an indian butcher i asked for a heart an he sold me something, it was a heart with what looked like two large bits of liver but they were a pinky colour and very light to hold
    what are they and can i use them and how do i cook them
    i cant see any pictures of them in my cook books

  • 3
    cia on July 22, 2007

    Sounds like chicken hearts to me. Feel free to send me a photo so I can confirm. If they are, I can give you a nice recipe to use.

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