From Mudroom to Sunroom

11. March 2021 House Renovation 0

Even before we got the keys to our new-old house, we put the mudroom at the bottom of our wish list when we were meeting with contractor candidates. The house faces the street and anyone can look in through the wall of windows, so my initial thought was for it to remain as a place where you remove and leave your shoes before you step inside and never a spot where we can hang out. We’re not quite sure if it was an outdoor porch in its original form and then covered years later, but it sure needs a refresh.

The mudroom in the morning

When we finally got the keys, we spent one day in the house and saw how sunlight moved towards the mudroom in the afternoon. We’re now calling it the sunroom.

The mudroom by 3pm and is now called the sunroom

I immediately sketched out a different idea: benches around the space that double up as shoe storage, but also rods above the windowsills so I can hang some plants that would take advantage of the afternoon light.

Photo lifted from Pinterest without credit; sorry
Photo by: Mike Hetu for

Depending on our budget, I would like to rip up the laminate floor and replace them with Portuguese-inspired tiles to delineate the room from the entryway. The wall could use a repaint and we will find out soon if the windows the seller installed are sufficient enough to keep the cold out.

And this is just a small part of our new-old house. We’re just getting started!