Union Square Greenmarket

The Union Square Greenmarket supports farmers by providing them with the opportunity to sell their fruits, vegetables and other farm products to New Yorkers. Everything is grown locally so it doesn’t have to travel far in trucks and planes and sit in warehouses before they get to shoppers. The Union Square Greenmarket sets up on the 17th Street side of Broadway Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays between 8am and 6pm year-round. I shop there almost every Wednesday morning and visit the following producers:

3-Corner Field Farm from Shushan, New York
Karen has fragrant goat cheeses, both plain and packed with herbs. I’ve bought some lamb chops from her several times, too. All her sheep and lamb are naturally-raised and grass-fed.

Blue Moon Fish from Mattituck, Long Island
I’ve bought some really good swordfish steaks and a whole seabass from them before but they also have shellfish. The whole fish is so fresh, it’s not yet cleaned so make sure you know how to do that when you get home. If you’re lucky, they have free fish heads to make fish stock–just ask.

High Hope Hogs from Pittstown, New Jersey
Affordable chorizo and smoked andouille sausages are for sale in a freezer inside of the vegetable tents right across from the PetCo.

Max Creek Hatchery from East Meredith, New York
Every Wednesday, Max brings in already-cleaned fresh rainbow and brook trout from his pond. He will proudly tell you that the fish were swimming until 7pm last night. He also sells the trout smoked and has Jerusalem artichokes and Russian potatoes available to match.

New York Beef Co. from LaGrangeville, New York
John has some beautiful cuts of grass-fed beef. I’ve bought a nice slab of steak from him a few times.

Patches of Star Farm from Nazareth, Pennsylvania
I bought baby goat rib chops from them. They also carry some nice goat cheeses.

Shushan Valley Hydro-Farms from Shushan, New York
Just entering the Greenmarket Spring 2007, their hydroponically-grown basil and tomatoes are vivid in colors.

Tamarack Hollow Farm from Corinth, Vermont
Mike had me at hello. I’ve ordered half a suckling pig from him for $90 and a whole goose he had to de-feather with his own hands for $115. I usually buy a slab of bacon for $16 or pick up some pork chops and ribs. All his animals are pasture-raised and taste happy.

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3 thoughts on “Union Square Greenmarket”

  • 1
    Blue Bunting on May 9, 2008

    Patches of Star (DAIRY) is in Nazareth, PENNSYLVANIA, not NY … and they have wonderful goat yogurt as well as goat cheese and goat’s meat; they also bring blue shelled eggs!

  • 2
    cia on May 9, 2008

    @ Blue Bunting: corrected!

  • 3
    susan on April 15, 2009

    Patches of Star Dairy in Nazareth, PA is a wonderful place. I would dare to compare their goat cheeses to those sold at Murrays on Bleecker St., NYC. If they would only make goat cheese ravioli. Try them from Murrays!

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