Vintage Wine Bar

22. August 2006 American, Upper West Side 4

2492 Broadway corner of 93rd Street
about $60 for two hungry people, with tip


After the Cia and Cameron hurricane hit:

4 thoughts on “Vintage Wine Bar”

  • 1
    G. on August 23, 2006

    whoah – you guys love them bread!

  • 2
    dimitri on October 6, 2006

    Looks good! Where is this wine bar? I want to go…


    (great site by the way – can’t stop reading it!)

  • 3
    cia on October 6, 2006

    Wine Bar, 96th Street and Broadway. It’s the bar of the wine store Vintage which carries only New York wines. Another branch is down on Broome in SoHo.

  • 4
    dimitri on October 11, 2006

    Thanks – I’ll check it out!

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