01. December 2006 American, West + East Harlem 2

1569 Lexington Avenue off 100th Street
$25 for two, without drinks, without tip

For brunch one Sunday, we took the bus to the east side of Harlem and sat at the bar of Food. We watched ice skating on one TV and that weird game of stone and broom called curling on the other. Jewel also happened to be playing from their satellite radio. Food is a restaurant that seems out of place in the El Barrio area of the upper east side but it’s also one of the sure signs that the neighborhood is really changing. Space and rent prices are two of the reasons why businesses are opening uptown. They are also trying to reach those customers who have moved up for the same reasons. No one could have imagined two Asian people being served by a French man in Harlem just a few years ago.

Whether these changes are accepted or not, what we ordered were enough to start our day right: turkey burger with fries and huevos rancheros with bacon and beans. They were good, not exceptional, but the ritual of brunch is always better than the meal itself. I’m just glad Food makes it easier for us uptowners to partake in it.

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    Chad on May 19, 2008

    Can you let me know what your favorite restaurant in Harlem is? I am planning a trip to New York and really would like are great list of the best restaurants in New York. I am going to go through some more of the post.


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    cia on May 19, 2008

    I am still looking for a Harlem favorite but if you’re making the trip uptown, don’t miss the barbecue drum on 139th Street and Adam Clayton. Click here for the review. They’re out in full force and it’s not even Memorial Day weekend yet!

    Watch out for my taco reviews of Harlem Mexican haunts.

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