Peking Duck House

09. December 2002 Chinatown, Chinese 0

28 Mott Street south of Pell
about $80 for two, with two drinks, without tip

Peking Duck House is unlike any other restaurant in Chinatown because they actually put extra effort in their interior design. It attracts diners who are still skeptical of the hole-in-the-walls in the neighborhood. You will be served on tables covered with cloth unless you’re seated downstairs where the fluorescent and lazy susans rule the room. Uncannily enough, most of the diners upstairs are white. The staff aims to please, especially if your group is not entirely Asian. It was a little unsettling when I experienced two kinds of treatments when I visited with different people separately. There are plenty of restaurants that serve Peking duck in Chinatown, but it is the Peking Duck House’s specialty. For other Chinese dishes, you’re better off paying less down the street.