Tuna Salad

04. September 2003 Fish, Vegetables + Salads 0

I bought a jar of Calypso tuna in olive oil during one of my visits to Di Palo in Little Italy. It is more expensive that the tuna-in-a-can that you see in the regular supermarket so I was curious to taste the difference. First of all, the olive oil that Calypso uses tastes good on its own that I used it as the dressing for this salad. It didn’t taste like it’s been in a sealed container for who knows how long. The tuna was in three big chunks and they flaked as soon as I fluffed the meat using a fork. I ended up using the one jar for three servings of this tuna salad.

1 jar of Calypso tuna in olive oil
half a pound of mixed greens like arugula and mesclun
salt and pepper

1. After washing greens thoroughly, toss with tuna and its olive oil and sprinkle with salt and pepper to taste.

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