Deep-Fried Okra

18. July 2005 Vegetables + Salads 0

1 pound okra, rinsed and cut into 1/2-inch pieces
1 egg
1/3 cup of milk
2 cups dry breadcrumbs
2 cups corn oil
a dash of red pepper flakes
salt, pepper, frying oil

1. In a bowl, whisk together egg and milk. Use another bowl for the bread crumbs. Toss half of the okra in the egg mixture until coated. Use a slotted spoon to pick up the okra pieces, letting excess liquid drip in the bowl. Transfer okra to the bowl with the breadcrumbs and toss until coated.
2. Heat a deep skillet. Add oil until hot. In medium heat, add red pepper and fry okra until golden brown, about 5 minutes. Remove cooked okra with a slotted spoon. Season with salt and pepper. Repeat with remaining okra.