03. November 2005 New York Restaurant Reviews 0

105 North 6th Street between Berry and Wythe Streets, Williamsburg, Brooklyn
$150 for three, with three drinks, with tip

Nothing on the menu tops twenty dollars at Sweetwater and that’s a very good thing. Even for dishes under that price, portions are generous and we wonder why we do not go to Williamsburg more often. (Of course, walking down the street later and seeing the boys who looked and dressed alike reminded us of why we don’t.) The potato gnocchi was very light; even the decadent sauce did not make the dish too hearty.

The roasted hen was served with mushrooms and it smelled perfectly of autumn but fowl is still fowl so the meat dries up easily when slightly overdone.

The grouper was tender, served with clams and kale in tomato sauce. I thought the kale was perfect for this because its slightly bitter flavor gave way for the tomatoes.

My friends and I chatted the night away and after dinner, our waitress offered us complimentary coffees to make up for the long wait we endured while cooking the hen. What long wait? She was so attentive we didn’t even think it took that long and so we appreciated the gesture. Service as good as Sweetwater’s doesn’t come easily in Manhattan so why don’t we go to Brooklyn more often again?