Kang Suh

09. December 2005 New York Restaurant Reviews 0

1250 Broadway on 31st Street
about $60 for two, with two drinks, without tip

Manhattan’s Koreatown pales in comparison with the one in Flushing, Queens and it certainly is embarrassing compared to the one in Los Angeles. Kang Suh is one of the more established restaurants on 31st Street between Broadway and Fifth or Koreablock. It’s also one of the restaurants I choose from when I’m with a group of friends who want barbeque. Kalbi or beef ribs are expensive in Manhattan and Korean restaurants, Kang Suh included, charge so much for so little meat but we tend to forget that we’re being ripped off after a few bottles of OB and at least an hour’s worth of barbeque smell in our clothes.

Kang Suh’s pan chan or side dishes include kimchi, anchovies and spinach

What I usually go for at Kang Suh however is their yuk kae jang, a spicy beef broth soup with bean sprouts and green onions served with noodles and rice. It’s enough to clear your sinus and make you forget that it’s winter outside.

The boy likes their daegoo muhri tang, or codfish soup also served with a bunch of vegetables and sometimes with clams and shrimps.