27. January 2006 New York Restaurant Reviews 0

105 Hudson Street at Franklin
$200 for four, with a few drinks, without tip

I went back to Nobu five years after my first time. Nothing has changed except that maybe Leonardo’s posse doesn’t stop by anymore. Their black cod with miso is still very delicious and their yellowtail tartar with caviar still kick my sinuses. Their sushi and sashimi are still worth holding for–they still had four ladies answering the phones during lunch peak next to coat check–but with numerous sushi restaurants in New York City, you can skip Nobu especially if you’re not using your boss’ expense account.

But if you’re like me and you’re still hungry after a $200-bill for four, the warm apple tart topped with ice cream and served with honey sesame sauce will make your eyes roll. The chocolate soufflé cake with shiso syrup and green tea ice cream is also a great way to end your meal.