Turks & Frogs

05. June 2006 New York Restaurant Reviews 0

323 West 11th Street between Greenwich and Washington Streets
$86 for two, with two drinks, with tip

The salad portions shocked me the most at Turks & Frogs because they’re meant for two people even though the price is more familiar for one. Our waiter didn’t say anything when we ordered two salads and one main course so my only complaint is not being advised to order less.

The owner’s antique expertise showed in the lamps

It was a warm Thursday night and I thought of walking over to TriBeCa to see if we can score a seat at the Turkish restaurant set up by Osman Cakir, the same owner of the antique store of the same name in the West Village. It turns out his antique expertise is more useful when it comes to picking more than fifty bottles of wine from around the world and small Turkish specialties like lamb kebab, cucumber salad with yogurt and mint sauce and grilled swordfish.