Hello, Roatan, Honduras

09. June 2006 Roatan, Honduras 0

We woke up early to catch our Atlanta flight that connected us to San Pedro Sula in Honduras. We spent a lot of time waiting at the airport before we boarded the flight to La Ceiba and then to our final destination, Roatan. The sun was setting when Omar picked us up. As soon as we checked in at Bananarama Dive Resort, we took a walk to check out the scene.

We were spent, but the sunset made it all worth it. The island was deserted–we later found out that there was a national football match going on and that’s why none of the Hondurans could be bothered. We felt like we had the beach to ourselves. When darkness enveloped us, we began our search for our first Honduran meal.

We started with the conch soup at Foster’s. We also ordered rice and beans with a fried red snapper. We’ve tried the Barena beer at the airport, so we ordered the Salva Vida this time. I read that one company owns all the Honduran breweries, so all the beers basically tasted the same. We sat in one of the palapas on the beach, away from the restaurant, to eat our dinner. The warm wind was blowing, the stars were out and all we could hear beyond the darkness were the waves crashing. Automatically, we switched to our don’t-care-about-anything-else-right-now mode.

Hello, Honduras.

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