Day 2: Peanut Island, Florida

21. June 2006 Uncategorized 0

I can only imagine how bored meteorologists must be in Florida if it isn’t hurricane season. Good morning! It’s hot out today! I was packing my beach bag while the TV was on and all I could think of was, No shit. It wasn’t even 9am and it was already sweltering. And the central air was on!

The water at Peanut Island

After breakfast, we drove to the dock and took the ferry to Peanut Island. We donned our snorkeling gear before the tide started to rise for lunch time. I was pretty much satisfied after I saw a barracuda frowning at me. It was feeding time and all the small fish were out and about. There were flying fish, too. I just sat out the rest of the afternoon with ocassional dips to save my skin from melting.

Pretty nice looking man-made beach

When it got unbearably hot, we took the ferry back and ate lunch at Tiki Bar and Grill. The conch salad was a fresh starter and it only got better with fish and chips and a cold, cold glass of lemonade. (Beer would have been better but I didn’t have my I.D. with me!)

Conch salad with crackers

On our way back, we stopped by the turtle sanctuary to see this big guy:

His shell was cracked by a boat propeller and he was being rehabilitated before he will be set free in July. I pretty much passed out back at the S’s home after that. Late in the afternoon, we drove to City Place for dinner. It reminded me of Los Angeles’ The Grove, live band, fountains and all. Dinner was Cuban food at Cabana and boy, was my craving for pork ever fulfilled!

Mmmm-mm chuletas!

We also shared the ceviche mix, the plantains and the beef served with yellow rice and black beans. Two pitchers of red sangria were consumed.