04. August 2006 American, SoHo 0

70 Prince Street corner of Crosby
about $125 for two, with two drinks, without tip
♥ ♥ ♥

Three people splitting nine small plates and three Indian pale ales for $25 each isn’t such a bad deal for a New York City lunch. Our afternoon selection for one over-heated summer day:

Roasted beets vinaigrette with horseradish, orange and thyme
Market string beans with harissa and garlic
Yucca fries with house-made ketchup
Bulgarian feta with tomato and urfa pepper
Salt cod fritters with sweet pepper vinegar
Guanciale and local cherries and fennel
Tuna confit and marinated summer squash
Greek potato spread with almond and garlic
Turkish red pepper and walnut dip

Minus the different kinds of bread that came with each plate, everything was light and refreshing. All the ingredients are seasonal and from local farmers, including the guanciale, or pig’s lower jaw meat. Delicious.