Day 1: From Vielha to Restanca to Colomers

20. December 2006 The Pyrenees, Spain, Videos 0

We started our hike from the town of Vielha where we took a cab to the beginning of the path to Restanca. I cried the first hour as soon as I realized I signed up for a hike that would last six more days. We had on our 30-pound backpacks. It was so difficult, but the view from Restanca was absolutely amazing. On our way to Colomers, where we were to sleep the first night, Mother Nature brought hail, and then a downpour. When we arrived at the refuge, we were so glad to change into dry clothes and eat dinner with several other hikers.

Video diary, Day 1: An Introduction to Carros de Foc

Video diary, Day 1: Hail from Restanca to Colomers

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