Trekking the Pyrenees, Catalan Style

28. December 2006 The Pyrenees, Spain 4

You came from New York City to get lost here?!, the lady at one of the refuges exclaimed when we told her where we came from. “Here” was the Pyrenees on the Catalan side, six hours from Barcelona by bus through the town of Vielha, and “lost” were two amateur hikers in the middle of the mountains, cold, soaking wet, scared and panicked about sundown.

Our adventure in the Pyrenees started four years ago, when we read about Carros de Foc, a company in Spain that established a route to connect the nine existing refuges in and around Aigüestortes i Estany de Sant Maurici National Park. Each stop at a refuge earns you a stamp
on your “forfait,” or hiking passport, and ten–the last one is the same as the first, which completes your loop–earns you a T-shirt exclusively given to those who finish the trek. At first, it was all about the T-shirt, but as we ascended over granite after granite in the rain and descended down slippery trails in the snow, our goal became more simple: to live with ourselves shamelessly afterward.

Aiguestortes means “twisted waters” in Catalan. Every hike up gave us clear lakes and ponds to look at. Every trek down showed us waterfalls coming out of every crevice. We had never seen anything more beautiful in our lives.

If it weren’t for the hail striking our faces, the wind pushing us back and the snow freezing our hands, we would stop and enjoy the view. There were days when the sun came out blazing, and those were the days we enjoyed the most, even with our 25-pound backpacks. But the most rewarding were those we spent wet and miserable on the trail, finding our way to the refuge we were scheduled to spend the night in after eight hours of hiking, coffee with brandy waiting to warm our bodies and our hearts.

It was definitely the most emotional and the most physically grueling trip we’ve ever taken together. Nothing could have prepared us from trekking the Pyrenees, Catalan style.

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4 thoughts on “Trekking the Pyrenees, Catalan Style”

  • 1
    heidiologies on December 28, 2006

    wow, i have no mortgages to sell, but wanted to comment anyway.

    happy belated birthday, belated merry christmas, and happy new year!

  • 2
    heidiologies on January 3, 2007

    wow. i just watched your shorts on youtube. bow talaga ako sa inyo. your photos are amazing, but the videos really revealed so much more (esp’ly when you got emotional at the end of your 5th day). glad to see you guys made it back safely, but boy that was the trip of a lifetime!

  • 3
    ericka on January 3, 2007

    you inspire me! i want to go hiking now! :)

  • 4
    vin on January 6, 2007

    duuude! man i live that’s so awesome. you can be like the filipina anthony bourdain except you don’t puff smoke like a smokestack. anyways happy belated bday!

    considering I get lost wandering around nyc(except for the numbered streets) I really doubt i’d make it out alive on yer trek. I’d prob end up resorting to cannibalism (anthony bordain style).

    hope all is well! take care.

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