Grass-fed Beef Steak

08. March 2007 Beef 1

I tip-toed on freshly-fallen snow at the farmers’ market to buy some grass-fed beef. I stopped by the New York Beef Company tent and met John to ask about what he was offering. My hands were already cold, but I looked through his frozen bags to buy the best-looking steak I can get for dinner. I know everyone’s been on the grass-fed wagon already but unfortunately, I find food items with organic or sustainable or grass-fed or free-range labels expensive. If you’re like me, then you also buy food items at least once a week. They all add up to a very expensive grocery bill each month. Plus, the only farmers’ market easily accessible to me is the one at Union Square, and even though I work downtown, I find it a hassle to stop by.

The New York Beef sells 100% grass-fed steak, prime rib, roasts and other fine cuts of beef. I got a nice steak for about $22. The Dr. covered it with some salt, pepper and minced garlic and broiled both sides until it was tender–poke the meat of your palm below your thumb; that’s how it should feel for medium-rare–and we ate it with oyster mushrooms sautéed in goose fat served on a bed of arugula and mixed greens. A bottle of Cabernet was the perfect match. I realized later that it was John who left me a message last year when I spent $14 on a piece of sirloin steak from Dean & Deluca. If he’s reading this, I hope he’s proud. His beef not only looked beautiful, it was delicious, too.

1 beef steak
6 garlic cloves, minced
salt, pepper, olive oil

1. Massage beef steak with all the other ingredients.
2. When ready to cook, broil beef steak in oven set to high until medium-rare. They’re perfect when the meat feels like the palm right below your thumb. Remove from oven to a chopping block and let rest for five minutes.

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    G. on March 8, 2007

    i do chanterelle with the arugula. i sautee the mushroom with pine nuts and pour it over the green – awesome.

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