Where to eat in Reykjavik, Iceland: Kebab Husid

25. May 2007 Reykjavik, Iceland 0

Because Iceland is famous for its cod, the Dr. became very interested in eating fish and chips after reading about the Kebab House. The name doesn’t scream fish and chips, but the writeup proclaimed it offered the best in the city. Because cod is plentiful in Iceland, I assume Kebab House had several chances to get them right.

The downtown location closed after the building burned down in the corner of Austurstraeti and Laekjargata. We had to drive to their other location on Grensasvegur. We drove to what looked like a plaza mall before heading out to the airport. It felt like we were transformed to a London pub as soon as we walked in. All the TVs were on showing football games. Famous jerseys were hanging on the walls. Blokes were drinking beer and smoking cigarettes while playing billiards. It wasn’t even noon yet.

The Dr. ordered fish and chips. I ordered the lamb gyro because I was still insistent on having good lamb before leaving Iceland. We’ve had fish and chips from England to Harlem and they’ve all tasted differently because of the fish used and how they were fried. The Kebab House cod version was light and not weighed down by so much batter. I’m not sure what oil they use but the fish was definitely not soaking wet. The chips were also light and crispy.

The gyro was nothing special. I could not finish the heavy pita anyway, but I have to say the lamb chunks tasted better and were more flavorful than my overdone saddle of lamb the night before.

Kebab Husid is on Grensasvegur 3
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