Preserved Lemons

11. June 2007 Pickles + Preserves 0

A month ago, my neighborhood supermarket had a lemon sale. I bought a wholeload but didn’t really know what to do with a lot of them except to preserve them for a future chicken tagine dish. I was already pickling like a maniac, so why not?

4 whole lemons
juice of 4 other lemons
about 3 cups of salt

1. Make criss-cross slices on the two lemons without cutting through. Salt each lemon generously.
2. In a pickling jar, pack one lemon at the bottom. Then layer with salt. Pack the next lemon tightly and again, layer with salt. Do this for all four lemons and make sure all of them are surrounded with salt. Pour in lemon juice and cover tightly.
3. Store in the fridge for a month, flipping the jar over every week to ensure that all the lemons are submerged in the pickling juice.

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