Dogmatic Gourmet Sausage System

In the park on Bleecker and Hudson
no phone number
$13 for two hotdogs, one asparagus and a drink

Right behind the playground on Hudson and Bleecker and steps away from the long lines outside Magnolia Bakery is a small hotdog stand with an expensive flair called the Dogmatic Gourmet Sausage System. The flair during our visit was a thin turkey sausage for $5 a piece made by Sullivan County’s Violet Hills Farm. There are fancy sauces that you can add, from white truffle gruyere (yes, I know!) to dijon mustard and spicy ketchup. There is also grilled asparagus for the vegetarians. Everything comes in a toasted baguette. To push all the gourmet choices down, there are homemade ice-cold drinks like a really refreshing ginger with vanilla bean.

The owner, Jeremy Spector, is also the chef at nearby Employees Only. (He was wearing his Employees Only T-shirt and chef pants when we stopped by.) After we ordered, we sat on the park bench next to his stand to wait. He walked over to bring us the wrong orders: he put spicy ketchup on our asparagus instead of the hotdog and he slathered the melted gruyere on another hotdog instead of the asparagus. We joked at how confused he was–it must have been the summer heat. We ended up eating two hotdogs and one order of the asparagus because of his mistake. He let us have the other hotdog for free. And, well, we thought he was really cute for being all flustered.

Dogmatic Gourmet is a noble idea in the perfect neighborhood, but I’m not sure if I’m its customer. I found it hard spending $5 on a sausage.

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4 thoughts on “Dogmatic Gourmet Sausage System”

  • 1
    john q on June 23, 2007

    this is the most disgusting phallic picture I have ever seen. you should be ashamed of yourself.

  • 2
    jeremy spector on June 23, 2007

    I thought you all were pretty cute too. stop by employees only or dogmatic and say hi

  • 3
    larry on August 26, 2008

    dont look then, you got a off switch!

  • 4
    G.L.LEFEAR on September 1, 2008

    im a hotdog vinder in fortworth texas. a friend from poland tells me that in europe ,the hot dogs come inside a roll off a stemer pipe ,this was years ago .i told him i now know what he talking about . looking to start a new type of food in fortworth sounds like new money .

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