Lemon Sorbet with Blackberry Simple Syrup

From Montauk, we paid $10 to get the car onto a ferry to Shelter Island. From there, we paid another $10 to exit through North Fork and avoid the Hamptons traffic. We stopped by one of the farms on the side of the road to pick our own blackberries for $5 a pint.

If you can get your hands on some fresh blackberries before summer ends, this is a great and easy recipe to end that perfect meal you’ve just whipped up for your friends. Cameron made it for us when we came over her apartment for dinner one night. The Dr. loves tarty desserts, so she easily won him over.

1 pint blackberries, washed
white sugar
1 star anise
lemon sorbet
mint leaves

1. In a small pot, make simple syrup. Simmer some water with white sugar and star anise. I use about three cups of water with two cups of sugar, but feel free to make it sweeter if you like. Add blackberries and continue to simmer. Stir slowly and ocassionally to avoid burning. Remove the pot from the heat when blackberries are just a tad soft and bruised. Set aside to cool a bit.
2. To serve, scoop sorbet in a small bowl. Spoon over the warm simple syrup and a couple of the cooked blackberries. Garnish with mint leaves.

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    ils vont on August 5, 2007

    Great Pictures, tasty recipe and a cool looking site. I am first time visitor and will certainly return.


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    Cam on August 6, 2007

    Who is that ca-yooooot girl?

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