Where to eat in Matunuck: Jim’s Dock

07. August 2007 Rhode Island 0

Jim’s Dock was a good start to our quick weekend in Rhode Island. After a long morning drive, we were famished. We checked in at Blueberry Cove Inn to drop off our stuff and got back in the car to find food. We were near Narragansett and were surrounded by water, so seafood with a view of the Rhode Island Sound just seemed like the best choice.

At Jim’s Dock in East Matunuck, we were seated outside next to a pier where children jump off to get in the cold water. We watched as fishermen gathered their poles for the day. There were lobster buoys hanging off the walls and a variety of beach signs decorated the restaurant entrance. As we walked in and felt sand between our toes, I fell in-love again with summers in the east coast.

When traveling to hot destinations, I try to stay away from deep-fried foods because I eat a lot of those at home. I’m also not a big fan of mayonnaise, so a lobster roll does not really excite me. I prefer eating raw seafood and cracking crabs while wearing a bib. In Rhode Island, I broke all my rules. We ordered the clam cakes, deep-fried batter you have to eat in order to find the small jewel of clam inside. I pulled mine apart to find them because even a Filipino girl can only eat so many fried bread. The Dr. ordered the lobster roll after hearing that Jim’s has one of the best in Rhode Island. As much as I like decadence, I was a bit surprised that their lobster roll mostly had lobster meat and so little mayo. I’m not complaining because for $16, I got my money’s worth, but we ate a lobster meat sandwich, not a lobster roll.

Jim’s Dock is at 109 Succotash Road, East Matunuck, Rhode Island. Just follow the path to the beach on your way to East Matunuck or call 401/783.2050.

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