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28. January 2008 Ingredient + Produce Features 1

I’ve been wanting to return to Mitsuwa Marketplace in Edgewater, New Jersey, since the Dr. and I first visited after watching the Romeo and Juliet opera in HD. I’ve also hassled all my friends who have cars to drive me there ever since Anthony Bourdain featured the area in his Food Network show a few years ago. After enough whining from me, Veronica finally relented and picked me up one Saturday afternoon to eat at the Japanese food court and pick up groceries. After filling ourselves with ramen, tonkatsu and pancakes, plus an exciting trip down the aisles of the Mitsuwa grocery store, we ended up in Trader Joe’s where I picked up my favorite dried fruit snacks and at Cafe Archetype where we finished our day with green tea au laits.

You see, New Jersey ain’t so bad.

Kanitama, or crab-egg, omelet on top of rice from China Table Tokyo Hanten was filling.

A delicious bowl of pork salt ramen sprinkled with a red pepper powder from Santoka.

A satisfying bowl of hot miso ramen, also from Santoka, was never finished because we were all full after several other dishes.

A delicately-sized bowl of udon came with pork tonkatsu and rice from Kayaba, next to Santoka.

Mitsuwa Marketplace is on 595 River Road, Edgewater, New Jersey, just over the George Washington Bridge. Check the Web site for shuttle bus info from Port Authority.

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