Grilled Kid or Baby Goat Meat

15. April 2008 Duck + Game 0

I was tempted to omit “or baby goat meat” in the recipe title because grilled kid sounded funnier. This recipe is from Scott Gold’s The Shameless Carnivore, a new book about, well, eating all kinds of meat. It’s obvious from the title alone why I felt an affinity towards the book. His recipe called for cubed goat meat for barbecue and kebabs, but when I went to the farmers’ market, Patches of Star Farm from Nazareth had already ran out. The lady sold me rib chops instead.

I’ve had goat meat before but never this tender. It makes a huge difference when the animal is a young one. The younger it is, the more tender the meat. The chops weren’t any bigger than my hand so they took less than 10 minutes to cook both sides. I served two chops to myself with a side of kimchi and some rice.

1 pound fresh baby goat rib chops
juice of 2 limes
half a bunch of cilantro, finely chopped
1 tsp ground cumin
1 tsp chili powder
oil, salt

1. Combine all ingredients except goat in a bowl and whisk. Season with salt to taste.
2. Transfer the marinade in a shallow glass baking pan with cover. Add the goat, making sure all the meat is covered by the marinade. Cover and refrigerate overnight.
3. When ready to cook, heat a skillet. When almost smoking, add one or two goat rib chops at a time. Apply light pressure on the meat using a cast iron grill press or the back of a large spoon. Cook for 3 to 4 minutes per side.

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I bought a pound of goat rib chops from Patches of Star Farm from Nazareth, Pennsylvania