Where to eat in Fort Lee, New Jersey: So Kong Dong

17. September 2008 New Jersey 0

Soondooboo is Korean for the tofu that doesn’t go through the process of compression. It’s soft, silky and slushy, and dear lord, it’s the perfect spicy stew after a long day under the hot, beating sun. Soondooboo chigae, or soft tofu stew, is usually made with minced pork or clams and then flavored with garlic, scallions, sesame oil and the ubiquitous red pepper powder. Everything is boiled over intense heat using a ceramic pot that doubles as a serving a bowl. Raw eggs are served with it so that you may plop one in to add to the broth’s consistency.

If you ask Koreans where to get the best soondooboo in Los Angeles, I would be surprised if they didn’t say So Kong Dong on West Olympic. I’m still not sure if the two restaurants are related; I’m just glad we have one in the east coast.

So Kong Dong is at 130 Main Street in Fort Lee, New Jersey. You can’t reserve a table and there’s a bit of a wait on weekends, but you can call 201/242.0026 and order ahead for pick-up.

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