Cocoron Soba

28. November 2012 Japanese, Lower East Side 0

61 Delancey Street between Allen and Eldrige
$30 each for 3 people, with tip
♥ ♥

The temperature dropped and all we wanted was soup. Lisa and I would have gone to one of our usual haunts, but when Christian posted a photo of his soba bowl on Instagram over the weekend, I marked Cocoron as a place to think about when I’m in the area and in the mood for hot soba.

1. Pork kimchi soba – Very hearty and filling
2. Bathroom – They made a very small Tokyo-style space work!
3. Everyone behind the counter – It’s tight in there, but they cooked and served happily

1. Service – Our waitress seemed like she had a long day. She asked if we were ready to order as soon as we sat down and took off our coats. Oh? Give us 5 minutes, maybe? Girl, wipe that grouch off your face!