Dim Sum GoGo

22. April 2006 New York Restaurant Reviews 0

5 East Broadway between Catherine Street and Chatham Square
about $60 for two, without drinks, without tip

Probably the funkiest decor in all of Chinatown–Funky Broome tried but they have since closed–Dim Sum GoGo is the brainchild of a French American food writer and a Hong Kong chef. The futuristic furniture and splashes of red are effective to the visitors afraid of the rest of Chinatown; not too ethnic and very modern. The dim sum platter is the safest bet if you’re one of them. On weekends, come before noon or else you’ll end up waiting in line behind tourists. Don’t try to get the table by the window on the second floor if your group is less than four. The surly old Chinese man will only grumble and insist on the table away from the window anyway. Some things you just can’t change.