10. November 2006 SoHo, Street Food Vendors 3

Corner of Wooster and Prince
no phone number
about $12 for two, without drinks, without tip

Updated, 2006: They do have a phone number! 917/674.1869 and of course, “Cal” is from California

I assume Calexico is currently enjoying their Vendy Award status as a finalist because I had to try twice before I finally got the chance to buy lunch from their spot on Wooster and Prince. When we finally found the cart, we ordered their tacos for $3 each: the much-loved carne asada, the pork and the pollo asado. For an extra $2, you can get two tacos of your choice with rice and beans.

They’re set up in front of the Camper store. Expect a wait during lunch time but they move quickly and take your order right when you walk up and stand in line. They called our names with our tacos in less than ten minutes.

I think I’m just being a snob because I’ve eaten so many tacos this year alone, but Calexico definitely does not sell the best one in the city. The carne asada is pretty good and the pork is okay, but I’ve definitely had better. The guacamole was runny so it made us wonder if it is homemade or from a jar. I’m not quite sure if it’s a Tex-Mex thing to only have one tortilla instead of two but it was very messy to eat my tacos. We ended up sitting on the stoop a block away and our tacos fell apart at every bite. It’s $2 cheaper than La Esquina but if I have to pick between the two, my vote goes to the one with a phone number.

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3 thoughts on “Calexico”

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    Cam on November 12, 2006

    Okay, dude. Don’t be throwing yo’ one-tortilla shit off on Texas. Calexico = Cal (California) + exico (Mexico). Texas be stayin’ out of that crazy bizness.

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    Jesse Vendley on November 13, 2006

    It’s cool if you don’t like our tacos more than La Esquina’s – that’s a matter of personal preference, and La Esquina does a great job. But I do have to correct you on one thing. Our guacamole is not at all runny – it’s chunky and delicious and made fresh a few times a day. What you had on your taco was Avocado Sauce, just like the menu says – and that’s supposed to have a creamy, light texture like creme fraiche. We would NEVER use anything out of a jar, especially not guacamole. We make everything except the tortillas from scratch – including the beans and pickled jalapenos. The comment about the single tortilla being too messy is useful, though – we initally used 2 tortillas, but then went to 1 because most people preferred it that way. Maybe we’ll try going back to 2.
    Jesse Vendley
    Owner, Calexico

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    Jesse Vendley on November 13, 2006

    PS – We do have a phone number. It’s 917-674-1869 – like it says on the menu.

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