Soba Koh

11. November 2006 East Village, Japanese 0

309 East 5th Street between First and Second Avenues
$25 each for three, with three beers, with tip
♥ ♥ ♥

As soon as the the Dr. had a slurp of Soba Koh’s broth, he said, Sobaya has been crushed. Now, we like Sobaya, our usual Sunday lunch destination, but we’ve been wanting something new. Unfortunately, Soba Koh only opens after 5pm, so when we were looking for a place to eat one Thursday night, we agreed to walk over the east side for some hot bowls of soba with a couple bottles of Sapporo.

The kinoko soba is filled with three kinds of mushrooms–enoki, shimeiji and shiitake–and its broth was rich and earthy but subtle at the same time. I ordered the soft-shell crab tempura soba because I’ve been seing fresh soft-shell crabs in Chinatown lately. My broth tasted different from the kinoko’s, a tad lighter and cleaner, even with the deep-fried batter and shellfish on top.

We also got some deep-fried shrimps with their heads on and chicken wings with sansyo peppers for appetizers. Both only whet our appetites. The chicken wings were a little slimey to me, only because I expected them to be fried but instead they were broiled and moist inside. The shrimps were crunchy and even tastier with a squeeze of lime juice. Soba Koh might not have a soba maker on display like Sobaya and Honmura An, but their firm noodles easily compared while their broth exceeded expectations.

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