Day 3: From Amitges to Mallafre, to Blanc

22. December 2006 The Pyrenees, Spain, Videos 0

We had to start over from Espot and waited for a 4×4 to fill up with other tourists until we reached Amitges, the stop we missed the previous night. As soon as we received our fourth stamp there, we hiked down as quickly as we could to Mallafre to get our fifth stamp. Because we were trying to recover from our mistake, going through the mountains and making it to Josep M Blanc the same night was next to impossible. A park ranger in Espot advised us to take the forest route because he was expecting another downpour in the afternoon.

Video diary, day 3: Recovering from a mistake and on to Josep M Blanc

Video diary, day 3: Arriving at Josep M Blanc

We might have taken a shortcut, but to us, the hike from Mallafre to Blanc still took four and a half hours. It would have taken eight if we went through the mountains. We were just glad to be back on schedule.

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