Day 4: From Blanc to Colomina

23. December 2006 The Pyrenees, Spain, Videos 0

From Josep M Blanc to Colomina, the fog was thick and the rain steady. A young German couple we met at Blanc were going the same way. The girl was wearing a bright yellow covering on her backpack and we followed it to make sure we were going the right way. When we arrived in Colomina, we ended up eating dinner with them. They told us that they kept looking back during the hike to look for us. They were looking for us to make sure they were going the right way!

Video diary, day 4: Rain and wind to Colomina

Video diary, day 4: Arriving at Colomina

The refuge at Colomina was held down by giant steel cables. I couldn’t sleep that night, not just because it was cold in the bedroom, but because the wind was howling so fiercely I was afraid the roof was going to come off.

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