Kimchi Fried Rice with Fried Egg

10. November 2008 Pasta + Noodles + Rice 0

Funny how Korean food is my crutch cuisine after a night out of excessive drinking. If not a hot, spicy soup before going home, it’s kimchi fried rice topped with a fried egg when I wake up. Korean food can lead you to too much drinking, but it sure does help you recover from it.

A fried egg is perfect with this fried rice. When you crack the half-cooked yolk and let the yellow ooze over your rice, you’ll forget about that banging headache, too. Mmm, I’m getting hungry just thinking about it.

leftover cooked white rice
1 egg

1. In a heavy skillet, heat some oil and add rice. Fry and cook by stirring and tossing until the cold rice is warm and free of clumps. Add a small amount of kimchi and stir. The rice should be red-orange, but you don’t want it to be too moist. I try not to add too much of the kimchi juice. Remove fried rice to a bowl.
2. Using the same skillet, heat some oil again and fry the egg. Serve on top of the fried rice.

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